2182211/2182210 Electrical Circuit (ICE & ADME)


Basic Circuit Elements (resistor, capacitor, inductor, diode, transistor, etc.); Kirchhoff’s laws; resistive circuits; Node and Mesh analysis for DC and AC circuits; Thevenin theorem and Norton theorem; first-order circuits; transient and steady-state responses; logic and digital circuits.

Course Outline

  • Introductioin — Circuit, currents, and voltages; power and energy; Kirchhoff’s laws and reference directions; circuit elements.
  • Resistive Circuit Analysis — Resistive circuit analysis using series and parallel equivalents; node-voltage and mesh-current analysis; Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits, superposition principle.
  • Operational Amplifiers — Ideal operational amplifiers, inverting amplifiers, and non-inverting amplifiers.
  • Semiconductor Devices — Diodes, field-effect transistors, and bipolar junction transistors.
  • First-Order Circuits, Transient and Steady-State Responses — Simple RC and RL circuit, source-free circuit.
  • Logic and Digital Circuits — Representatiion of numerical data in binary form, combinational logic circuits, synthesis of logic circuits, minimization of logic circuits, and sequential circuits.

Schedule and Lecture Slides

2Resistive circuits
3Node-voltage analysis
4Mesh-current analysis
5Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits
6Superposition principle
7Operational amplifier
8Midterm examination
9Capacitors and Inductors
10First-order circuits
11Sinusoids and phasors
12Sinusoidal steady-state analysis
13Basic diode concepts
14Field-effect transistors and Bipolar junction transistors
15Digital circuits I
16Digital circuits II


  • Quizzes 10%
  • Midterm Examination 45%
  • Final Examination 45%


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