2182211/2182210 Electrical Circuit (ICE & ADME)
Basic Circuit Elements (resistor, capacitor, inductor, diode, transistor, etc.); Kirchhoff’s laws; resistive circuits; Node and Mesh analysis for DC and AC circuits; Thevenin theorem and Norton theorem; first-order circuits; transient and steady-state responses; logic and digital circuits.

2141418 Numerical Method (NANO)
Review of electromagnetics and Maxwell’s equations; finite differencing of partial differential equations; one-dimensional wave equation; the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method; numerical stability and dispersion; scattered field formulation; absorbing boundary conditions; method of moments (MoM); finite element method (FEM).

2143301 Introduction to Communication (ICE)
Signal and noise analysis; analog and digital modulation and detection systems; Nyquist’s sampling theorem, quantization; digital baseband systems; digital modulation: ASK, PSK, FSK, MSK and QAM; information transmission, synchronization and channel coding; applications of communication systems.

2140202 Electrical Circuits Laboratory (ICE & ADME)

2141274 Electrical and Electronics Laboratory (NANO)